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Meeting Point: Latest From Lovaas

Classroom-Friendly Reinforcers

Compiled by Meghan Frandle, Karina Herrera, Erin Ellis and Mariko Okano
Lovaas Institute – Los Angeles

  • First in line/Leader for the day
  • Sit at the teacher's desk
  • Access to playground
  • Leaving early for recess
  • Extra recess time
  • Free time with a friend
  • Computer time
  • Earn positive notes/calls home
  • Special rewards from the teacher (tickets, stickers)
  • Contact parents to send preferred items to school
  • Earn points for a class video, popcorn party, etc.
  • Pick a book for story time
  • Wear a favorite hat for a class period
  • Free homework pass
  • Access to OT room
  • Visit a different classroom, library, office, etc.
  • "Center of Attention" time
  • Special snack time
  • Dress up your aide/teacher
  • Access to stereotypy ("Timmy Time")
  • "Be the teacher"
  • Choose the topic of conversation
  • Join another class for a game
  • Hand stamps
  • Classroom duties/teacher's helper
  • Tokens
  • Earn lunch with your teacher/principal
  • Dance party
  • Have work posted in office or hallway
  • Music time
  • "Blowing off steam"
  • Sit in the teacher's chair
  • Choose your seat for the day
  • Toys
  • Quiet time/alone time
  • Walk around campus
  • "Show and Tell"
  • Treasure chest
  • Silly time
  • Art/journal time

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The names of all children in this newsletter have been changed in respect for family confidentiality.

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