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Meeting Point: Latest From Lovaas

September 07

Meeting Point: Latest From Lovaas

On the Lighter Side...
...5 outrageous reinforcers sure to add fun in therapy

Foot Flying! The child sits on your foot and you fly him high. Then say, "it's Barney's turn" and make Barney fly on your foot, then the child again.

Silly Telephone Calls! Make a ringing noise and pick up the telephone and say, "It's for you, (child)!" Add silly praise dialog. Alternatively, say that you've got to call Mickey Mouse and when talking to him praise the child's performance.

Face Machine! The child pushes your nose to make your tongue come out, or pulls your left ear to move your tongue right and vice versa with your right ear. The child pushes your stomach to make you blow air in their hair.

Barney's Working! Pretend that Barney, Buzz, or Woody is learning with discrete trials.

Where'd the Tickles Go! Look for the "tickles." Act surprised and ask, "Where'd they go?" Then find them: "Oh, there they are!" then tickle the child.

The names of all children in this newsletter have been changed in respect for family confidentiality.

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