Wednesday, February 24. 2010

Top 10 Early Preschool Games

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The most recent issue of Meeting Point includes a list of the "Top 10 Early Preschool Games."
I'm interested in other people's experiences. Any games you would add to or delete from this list?

Friday, July 18. 2008

Incorporating Learning at the Grocery Store

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By Keri Spence
Lovaas Institute - San Diego

A frequent comment I hear from parents is that there is just not enough time in the day to set aside for learning. So, how can parents incorporate learning opportunities into their busy daily schedules? A trip to the grocery store is a routine family chore that may provide an opportunity. The following suggestions would be appropriate for a child who can follow simple instructions and has shown his parents that he can handle a short trip to the store. It would also be important that he has learned ahead of time to follow visual instructions.

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Tuesday, April 1. 2008

Autism Awareness Month - Changes and Challenges

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April is Autism Awareness month. When I look back on my experiences with children and families in the past 13 years, I am amazed by the changes that have taken place. Before, families used to tell me they had never heard of autism before their child was diagnosed. Now, many families have heard of autism but have difficulty finding a specialist who can make a diagnosis in a timely manner. Before, school districts used to question the validity of the use of applied behavior analysis for treating children with autism. Now, many school districts I work with accept the usefulness of applied behavior analysis but question the level of expertise needed in order to implement these techniques.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the incredible commitment of parents to finding the best support for their sons and daughters. I’m thankful to all the families who have told me the Lovaas Institute has been part of that support, and I am certain that we will also continue to change as we strive to find what support works best for each family and child with autism.

I would be interested to hear what changes or new challenges others have seen in their experiences with autism across the years.

By Vince LaMarca, M.A., BCBA, Editor
Lovaas Institute - Indianapolis

Monday, February 25. 2008

Finding Materials for Therapy

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There are many good reasons to find materials for therapy around the house or create them on your own. Such materials save money and are more likely to be relevant to your individual child. At the same time, finding and making materials can be time consuming and so it can also be helpful to draw upon materials that others have already created.

Following are a few of the sites that have been helpful to many families searching for therapy materials.

Friday, February 15. 2008

Building Relationships During Bedtime Generalization

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By Vince LaMarca, M.A., BCBA, Editor
Lovaas Institute - Indianapolis

Part of the family's role in behavioral treatment is to help a child apply skills he has learned in therapy to everyday life. Some parents question whether they can do this when the day is already so hectic. However, many parents are pleasantly surprised at the benefits of consistently focusing on generalization.

Dorothy, the mother of a four-year-old son with autism put it this way, "Generalization gives me a chance to connect with my child in really positive ways. Bedtime used to just be a routine, but when we started gradually moving things from therapy, it became more of an interaction. My son's so familiar with the games we play at bedtime and he's always been so successful with them that now it's become a time of the day we both really look forward to."

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Monday, January 7. 2008

Making the Most of Mealtime

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By Vince LaMarca, M.A., BCBA, Editor
Lovaas Institute - Indianapolis

Family involvement has always been a critical component of the Lovaas Model of Applied Behavior Analysis. So what is a common request from many parents who want to be more involved? "Give me more ideas for how I can incorporate what my child is learning into everyday life." Following are a number of strategies you may find helpful when it comes to making the most of mealtime. In future newsletters, we will give ideas during other common family activities and routines such as: bedtime, bath time, and during chores.

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